Thursday, July 25, 2013

I may not have a lot of common knowledge, but did you know...

My friends and family often mock me for my lack of common knowledge and sense. Like, did everyone else know you're not supposed to mix ammonia and bleach? ("It's dangerous", common knowledge by Wikipedia.) I also have a hard time finding certain food and things when I'm in a convenience store, leaving me wandering around the store for much longer than necessary.

But I always defend myself with this: I may not have a lot of common knowledge, but I know an innumerable amount of other interesting facts. I've spent many a cold night in front of the computer, researching completely random things like gems, fish, food, culture, and that one guy whose voice I fell in love with because of anime. These things come in phases, it's sort of a gemini thing, I believe.

As of right now, I'm obsessed with Japanese culture (obviously...), and did you know about the Suicide Forest at the base of Mt. Fuji, where about 100 deaths occur every year? This forest's actual name is Aokigahara, and seems to be a popular place for suicide attempts.

Due to Seichõ Matsumoto's novel "Kurio Jukai", where two lovers go to this forest to end their lives, it has become a popular attraction for suicidal people. Aokigahara was also calles the "perfect place to commit suicide", in "The Complete Book of Suicide". 

The Japanese government stopped publishing the number of deaths each year, but that didn't stop people from going there. Even tourists, exorcists and adventurers want to see the forests themselves, and the poor locals can't separate who's there to die and who's just looking for some fun. They tried putting up signs at the forest entrance, saying things like "life is a gift" and "think of your family" in order to prevent people from killing themselves.

Encouraging words.
Aokigahara is believed to be haunted by spirits of abandoned family members from years back, contributing to its already sinister reputation. Ghost and demon stories are associated with the forest, these spirits having infused the land, and increased the paranormal activity. The ground contains a huge amount of iron, making compasses and cell phones not working, which makes the whole place even creepier.

Now, the government do annual "sweeps" in the forest, removing what bodies they can find. The poor forest workers have to play against each other to decide who has to sleep with the dead bodies. You see, it's bad luck to leave the dead sleeping alone, it might upset their soul.

Despite this place sounding ultra-creepy, I would like to go there one day. Not to kill myself, of course! But it's the culture and story around it that attracts me. It's such a peculiar place, to see it with my own eyes would be astonishing. Maybe one day I'll get to go for a hike in the forest of death, but until then I'll have to do with writing about my weird interests on this blog. Until next time.



  1. omg i actually got chills from reading this at the part where cellphones and compasses dont work. lol It sounds super exciting. If i ever go to japan and visit around that area, i want to go see it too! (during daylight of course! =P)

  2. Thanks for your encouragements lovely ! I always feel more refreshed everytime I read your comments that are encouraging <3


  3. I have watched a documentary about the forest, it seems such a scary but intriguing place. I would love to visit too, maybe to do a paranormal investigation!

    PS- Yes the visual novel that I'm playing has Japanese audio and English subtitles, it was easy to install but I'm not sure if I like it yet or not!