Monday, July 22, 2013

Manga: High School Debut (spoiler free review)

So today I'm dropping by with this short manga recommendation! High School Debut is about the freshman Haruna who really wants to find love in high school. When she doesn't seem to be getting anywhere, she asks upperclassman Yoh to be her love coach. It takes some time, but he agrees. He warns her, however, she better not fall in love with him, under any circumstances. Eh... this can only go one way, right?

This is another manga I own. Yep, the entire 13 volumes. And it's so funny. I laughed so much while re-reading this. I'd completely forgotten about this.
The story is sweet, although the characters' innocence can annoy you at times. Still, they make it up by being perfectly imperfect characters, and so very realistic.
I'd say the main girl Haruna is alright, she's just too silly at times... While I only have one word for the main guy, Yoh, here: hot.
One thing is for sure: all characters have personality.

However, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I find this manga to embarrass me a lot. There are so many moments where I'd just facepalm myself because the way the plot was progressing would make me feel too awkward. Afterwards I'd try to laugh it off. (':

The art is not very typical. It's different from a lot of mainstream manga and that helps to make it original. It's silly but beautiful, and contributes to setting the comedic mood.

Overall I enjoyed it. It's easy to read, funny, and cute. Sometimes serious, but if you're looking to have a good laugh, this is definitely one to go to. 8/10.

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