Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ouran High School Host Club (spoiler free review)

There exists a handful of animes (literally, 5 of them) I consider to be my favourites. I've already written about one, Steins;Gate, and have another one coming soon. Ouran High School Host Club is also one of these favourites, and I will try to explain to you why.
OHSHC is an anime of 26 episodes, where the genres would be comedy, school, shoujo and reverse harem. I always say I don't like harem animes, yet I keep coming back to this type of anime...

Fujioka Haruhi is an honor student, accepted into Ouran High School, a school for the rich, based on a scholarship due to her intelligence. She stumbles across the Host Club, a club consisting of handsome men whose main purpose is to "entertain" girls with too much time on their hands. Haruhi accidentally breaks an expensive vase, and is indebted to the host club. So what do they do? Make her a member of the host club, of course, so she can work off her debt! Oh, and did I forget to mention, they didn't realise she's a girl. When they do, the mission of keeping her true identity begins, and obviously all the characters develop various relationships to Haruhi.
Now, this is actually the 3rd time I've seen this anime. And I still don't know if I should take it serious or not. Everything in this is a big fat parody on for fangirls. I laugh more every time I re-watch it. The story is interesting and somewhat cliche, but hilarious nonetheless. It's slice of life with a heavy dose of comedy, up till the point it's almost too much. But oh my god, it works so well.

Tamaki-senpai, aka most gorgeous person ever.

The characters are extremely stereotypical. Some examples are the loli-type, Honey-senpai, strong-and-silent, Mori-kun, even the overly caressing twins Hikaru and Kaoru. Then there's the apparently narcissistic and yet so profoundly stupid "king" Tamaki Suou, who literally runs the show. All of these have background stories we get to hear about, and these stories often contradict their character nature or support it. I'd say the way the characters develop throughout the show is the serious part of it. Some matures and changes a lot, while others stay the same. All characters have one thing in common though: they grow some sort of feelings friendship with Haruhi.

The music is also very funny. It's overdramatic and inspired by the classical genre, which only contributes to the parodic theme of the anime. The opening and ending themes are beautiful; played many a times on my ipod.

Animation-wise, I think it looks pretty good. The characters are handsome and and it looks pretty modern. However everything in this is so damn pointy. Like their shoulders or the shapes of their faces. Even the animation manages to stand out from "ordinary" 2000s anime.

So overall, I find this to be one of the best animes I've ever seen. It's so funny when it's just making fun of itself and then during the serious scenes it gets so sad it can make you (me) cry. 100% recommended no matter who you are, I've rarely heard anyone not like this (although a few people do, naturally). 10/10.

The only thing I live to regret about this anime is that there are only 26 episodes. I feel like the characters didn't get enough time to tell their stories and develop. I wish there was another season, but unfortunately as of now that doesn't exist. There is the manga though, of 18 volumes (which I have not read, but plan to soon enough!).

(Leaving you with this incredible picture of Tamaki, whom to this day, I aspire to be like. Minus the dumb, of course. Or maybe that's the part we have in common the most...)


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  3. Host club is so weird yet I like it lol

  4. OMG this is definitely one of my faves too!!!! Ahhh~ i love the ENTIRE cast! Like everyones got there good traits! XD I wish they would have continued the anime. I tried reading the manga but its not the same, it kinda keeps rewinding back to another spring year so honey & mori dont graduate lol

    Tamaki is my baby tho!!!!! hes is soooooooo beautiful! I WANT TO EAT HIM!!! HES MINEEEE!!! MINEEE!!!! *crazy fangirl squeal*