Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Paris, the city of LOVE~

Since the big move is getting closer day by day I thought I'd make a post about it. This is sort of a FAQ with questions I get asked a lot. The truth is, I'm getting kind of tired of all this Paris talk, since I have to explain this over and over again every time I meet someone new. So with this post, I hope to at least not have to answer these on the internet anymore!

Q: When am I moving to Paris?

Leaving on the 21st of August, which is less than a month away! Can you feel my nervous?

Q: What am I doing in Paris? 

I will be working in a small bar called La Comédie (I think that's how it's spelled...) as a waitress.

Q: How did I get this job?

Long story short: a family friend is the owner of the bar, and I asked him if I could work there. He said yes (obviously).

Q: How long am I staying?

I haven't set a specific return date, but I hope to stay until next summer, if all goes well. I'm not even sure if I will return to Norway at all, since I'm planning to go to university in England next fall. I might if come back I can get a job, if not, I might work there through next summer as well. We'll see.

Q: Do I speak any French?

Phffft, who needs to speak a language before moving to the said language's country of origin, where English speakers are so rare? I do speak a little, yes. I took French classes for 4 years in school, and my grades were good. However, that was 2 years ago now, so I don't remember too much of it. Been trying to revise this summer tho.

Q: Why am I moving there?

Now this is kind of complicated. Firstly, I want to learn the language. Although I don't have too much of an interest in French culture, the truth is I am half French. My family on my father's side is from France, and I have some contact with them. But I grew up here in Norway and was raised by my Norwegian mother, so I haven't been in touch with my French side very much. I'd like to explore and develop that side, learning about the country in which half of me originates from. Unfortunately I don't have any family living in Paris, but we have some family friends, which are much joyed of my coming there.

Q: What kinds of preparations have I been/am I doing? 

The first thing I did was ensure the paperworks were in order. I had to travel all the way to Oslo to visit the French embassy and order my French passport. Luckily, I am registered as a French citizen, and got out of most of the paperwork. Once I get my work contract I'll have to register it at the social office, however.
As of right now, I haven't found a place to live yet. I am searching for a small studio apartment, and hope to find one before my arrival.
I'm also researching about French culture, a bit.
I do need to get a French bank account, cell phone number, wi-fi connection etc., but I'm saving that bit for when I get there.
Right now my priorities are getting proper insurance and finding out what I need to bring or buy over there.


  1. That sounds really awesome, good luck! I spent last year in Spain as an English teacher and it was really fun! Also, if you need any help with universities in England- let me know!

    1. Thanks a lot, I'll remember that! (:

  2. WOW girl, it taks so much to mive to a new place but ur going in the rit direaction... Paperwork is the most important....
    Keep in touch

  3. Moving to a new place is always exciting! I wish you the best on your new adventure!