Sunday, July 07, 2013

Summary of the week

Might make this a regular post, if there are many things to say. This will at least be a more personal/casual post.

I got home from Oslo on Monday, and spent the night and the next day on the internet. I refused to go outside, except only to get some exercise, because I was tired from being around so many people at Desucon (for those who are as slow as me: I'm an introvert). I watched anime and read a lot of manga. 

On Wednesday I started training for my new job. I'm working at a tiny canteen, making sandwiches and selling food. On my way over there, I thought for the first time, I might try to make some friends at the job (I was always the one in a corner reading a book by myself...), but then I learned that I will be working completely alone. That scared the hell out of me, having so much responsibility, handling money and customers. Not cool. Especially the talking to strangers part. 
But I've had a few days to calm down now, and I do realise I might learn a lot about independence from this job, which may very likely come in handy once I move out. 

I also met a friend, who's visiting from America (forgot to take photos again!!). We went for cupcakes and talked about tv shows and anime. 

Some of my outfits this week:

I made onigiri (rice balls) for the first time in years. It was also, for the first time, a real success. I filled one with shrimp, and the other with tuna, and covered them in sesame seeds and nori. Delicious! 
I think I'm handling this whole learning-to-cook-because-I'm-moving-out-soon pretty well, if I may say so. 

Then, my mother and her boyfriend went on vacation, leaving the house, our three cats, and the new Apple TV all to me. Needless to say, I've not been doing much other than watching anime this weekend (it's all I can do lately, I'm starting to think I might have a problem...). 
Somehow, I managed to get a pretty bad cold, so I don't really have the energy to do anything else. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow when I go back to work! 

On a last note, I got my IB exam results yesterday, which I was insanely nervous about. I'm happy to say I passed, and am now able to go to university in the fall of 2014 (as long as I can get in!) 


  1. loved your black top... :)

    much love.
    keep in touch,

  2. those onigiris looks so delicious :D:D

  3. I love the rice balls! My mom used to make those for my lunch when I was in high school!
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  4. The two pony tails are so cute !