Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summary of the week #4: summer time!

Ok, I'll admit I spent the first couple of days being caught up at the computer. Only this time, I tried something new, instead of just watching anime. Since my love for Steins;Gate is endless, and still becomes stronger day by day, I thought I'd check out the visual novel in which the anime is based on. Visual novels are a sort of game, with lots of talking and very little game play (in which I hope to get back to in a future post). Anyway, so I struggled with this for quite some time, it turns out downloading and installing visual novels (in English) is a pretty complicated deal. I even ended up changing from Mac to PC to make sure I got it right. I was very happy when I finally made it.

The art is quite different from the anime..

However, I didn't play it too much (took so much of my time), and I had "responsibilities". Here in Norway we usually have about a week or if we're lucky, two, where the weather is actually good. So yes I did have to take advantage of that. On Monday I went to a friend's house to barbecue. Burgers (with cheese, bacon, and lots of ketchup) is probably on my top 10 list of things to eat.

A friend of mine is visiting from Mo i Rana, a town up north (also: my birthplace), and I wanted to spend some time with him while I have the chance. One day we went downtown for games shopping and ice cream (a must for summer). I bought Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm for PS3. I tried the sequel once and loved it, so I want to play through the game series now. Only problem: I don't have a PS3 (laugh). Luckily I know someone who does, and I invited myself over for some good old gaming. Might buy a PS3 in the future though, if I can afford it (I'm really starting to want one!).

I also decided to do the one and only thing I definitely wanted to check of my list by the end of this summer: go swimming. So the water was FREEZING, but worth the fun (: This one guy tried putting the poor dog into the water, and I felt really sorry for it. He looked so miserable...

So I had a good week, I'd say. Did lots of fun things. Tell me about your guys' weeks! Enjoying summer, anyone? Working? On vacation?

Next week there will be a post about Paris, I promise. Until then!


  1. haha i remember when I tried downloading visual novels. in the beginning it was so confusing. i think i had to change to my pc, and then change to japanese locale or something. and ya visual novels take so much time i got quite bored of them pretty fast. the ones i played werent interactive enough so it just ends up being a lot of reading.

    also i have been hearing rumors about the ps4 coming out soon in japan. im not rly that sure but if it is then i dont recommend getting the ps3. it'd be lame if you got the ps3 and several months after the ps4 comes out. since all ps3 games will come to a halt and im assuming ps4 will be able to play ps3 games but with a ps3 you wouldnt be able to play the new ps4 games. but then again, its rly just a rumor i heard, im actually not that sure if its coming out soon. lol

    1. Yes I know about the PS4 but to be honest I'm not that much of a gamer really... I just want to play the Naruto Ninja Storm games (': Besides I think once the PS4 is released, the PS3 will drop in price so that will be in my favour since I think buying a PS4 just for one game would be too expensive. Also, old games, even for older consoles like PS1 and 2, are easily accessible here in Norway (:

  2. Since you were kind enough to post on my blog I thought i'd come and check yours out. It's the first blog i've seen that talks about both RL and fictional things in the same post, which is pretty interesting so i'll stick around for a while =)

    You can play very few VNs on Mac, so the switch to PC was a good idea. If you're looking to try out more VNs, then check out It's very user friendly and most of the titles don't require any installation work. I haven't played Steins;Gate but it's sitting there waiting to be played - it's actually getting an official translation in the next wee while so I may wait for that to be released. VNs aren't all just reading though; there are a decent amount with gameplay as well (Aselia the Eternal comes to mind, which I talked about in one of my Friday posts). In any case, if you want any recommendations i'd be happy to give them.

    The PS4 isn't backwards compatible, so picking up a PS3 is a good idea. You won't be able to play PS1 or PS2 games on it, but it has a solid selection of exclusive games to keep you entertained. Being a Japanese company, Sony gets nearly all of the Eastern games to itself; i'd recommend games like Valkyria Chronicles and Tales of Graces for you to try out. The Naruto games aren't my kind of thing but my flat mate loves them ;)

    1. Ah, yes, although anime is such a big part of my life atm, I'd like to share the rest as well. When I first started this blog, it was supposed to be a personal blog, but anime just took over (':
      Thanks for the link tho! I want to try more visual novels in the future (:
      I hope too see you again on my blog!

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