Sunday, August 11, 2013


After having spent most of my time this summer watching anime, I find myself in a new state I didn't think possible: bored.

I finished working for the summer last week, and I'm back in a (seemingly) endless routine of waking up, going straight to the computer and staying on the internet all day. I often get headaches from staring too long at the screen, which leaves me wondering what else to do with my time. Sometimes I meet up with friends, but most of them have already moved away or are still on vacation, besides, I can't really discuss anime with them, so that leaves me with a lot of time to myself.

Of course it's not the anime itself I'm bored of. I admit, I haven't seen anything incredibly good in about a week, which does make me impatient, but I haven't lost my interest. I'm simply tired of passively watching something day in and day out. Sometimes, and more often lately, I find it very hard to focus on things, and I just feel like sleeping it off (which would probably not be a good idea).

My mind is restless, but my body is too lazy to move. Somewhere along the line, I lost my motivation to life. Not to say I'm depressed, I just seem to be forgetting where I'm headed. Somehow, I got so caught up in watching anime, I forgot how to live my life. Instead of waking up and thinking: "Yes, what a great day to be watching anime!" like I used to, it feels more and more like I'm having a bad hangover day after day.

Which is why I came up with a list of alternatives for myself when my brain is tired of interneting. These are some things I thought of, which I think will work for me at least.

  • Go for a walk. Walking is probably the most therapeutic thing I do, often while listening to music. It gives me time to think, about anything and everything.
  • Read a book (or manga!). This might not work if you're having trouble focusing like me, but I think it's worth a shot.
  • Go on a road trip. Another thing I find relaxing is driving. I like listening to the radio, and while having to focus on the road, I actually get a break from worrying or thinking too much.
  • Cook a meal, and eat it. It doesn't even have to be a proper meal, sometimes I go for fried eggs or noodles, and that gives me the break I need.
  • Have a spa day. Do a proper face/body scrub and face mask. Shave your legs. Use a hair mask. Or just take a really long shower/bath.
  • See someone, outside of the house. Make sure to surround yourself with lots of positive energy. Right now I'm not able to stop thinking about anime at all, so it would be great to talk to people who share my interest, and I'd recommend others to do the same. 
  • Go to a party or out on the town. This is something I've avoided doing the whole summer, but I think a reminder of what a real hangover feels like would help me appreciate those quiet, calm days a bit more. Either way, from what I remember, going out to dance and meet people can actually be lots of fun.
  • Do something creative! I personally love to write, but painting, drawing, making music etc would work too! 
Can anyone else relate to how I feel? And if so, would you follow any of this advice, or cope with it another way? I'd love to know!


  1. This is my state too.. Bored...
    Last two days have been bust but rest its so dead...
    Happy sunday :)
    Keep in touch,

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I recently graduated from university and I just don't know what to do at the moment. I am looking for jobs and other things but each day I get up and the spend the whole day on the computer until I go to sleep, usually with the computer still on! To break my day down, I have been doing exercise- working out and jogging- as well as cooking for my family each night.

    1. Haha exercising! I should've put that on the list but it didn't even cross my mind XD

  3. That seems like a very good list! I agree with cooking a proper meal. If you have to go out for grocery shopping, that will take give you another reason to walk around too.

  4. This is me daily :/ you could do some crafts it some what helps me

  5. Video Games are always the answer XD I'm a little skeptical about this "leaving the house" thing though >.>
    Seriously though, I have so many VNs, Video Games and Anime to get through that I don't think i'm ever going to finish them all >.<
    You could always work on backup blog posts to put up during those weeks you just don't feel like writing.

    1. Haha! Going outside can be fun but it also takes energy xP and yes I find writing blog posts very giving at times (:

  6. Har du FAKTISK gjort noe på lista, da? For det er RÅkule ting å gjøre ,ass!! Det er gaaanske mange år siden jeg har hatt den kjede-seg-følelsen; jeg har ofte så mye på agendaen at jeg bare gleder meg til uka/ukene er over... EH!

    1. Jada, har da det! Ellers hadde jeg vært litt hyklersk ;P Både road trip og spa er mine personlige favoritter (: