Saturday, August 03, 2013

First impression: Shingeki no Kyojin (spoiler free)

I rarely write first impression posts, but I might start to. Either way, I have to write about this.

Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan as it's called in English seems to be a huge deal on the internet. I've frequently seen it on my Tumblr dashboard for the last couple of months. At first I thought it overrated, it reached Myanimelist's top 10 before it even finished airing. But after seeing it over and over on Tumblr and various blogs, I decided it's time I give it a shot.

In an alternative world, titans rule the Earth, driving mankind to build a huge wall and live inside of them. We follow the young boy Eren, as the titants make their appearance and the 100 years of peace inside the wall comes to an end.

I saw the two first episodes last night, and I wasn't able to sleep after. First thing in the morning I saw another episode. Let me just say this: it's brutal. I teared up at the first episode, and I rarely tear up over anime at all. This is not a happy, slice of life, cute, and funny anime. This is serious shit.
Having seen only 3 episodes, I'm still not sure were they're going with this, but it's just so good. I want to see more, and I love everything I've seen so far. The animation is flawless, the music is orgasmic and the characters are incredible.
I can only hope the quality continues, for with an opening like that, it sure set our expectations sky high.


  1. omg this is a shit show!!!! LOL and by that i dont mean its bad its just omg so much shit happens in it!! and has you going OMGOMGOMG the whole time!! I couldnt sleep until i watched the latest current episode when i started (there were 10 out) but ive stopped bc the suspense is just too much for my fragile heart! too many twists D:

    1. Ah I know, there is just so much pain! I want to cry every episode, and sometimes I don't want to watch it at all cause it's freaking scary!

  2. I wanted to punch Aria after her first sentence. Thankfully she clarified and now I wholeheartedly agree with her.

  3. this looks like a very interesting anime, thank you for sharing~ Looking forward to your upcoming posts!♡

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  4. Ha ha, I told you it was good, just really really brutal and scary! The titans are super creepy but I'm glad you enjoyed it.