Sunday, August 25, 2013

How I review and rate anime/manga/movies/books etc.

For someone who's studied how to interpret and write essays on various/different forms of literature, I sure can make improvements on my anime reviews.

GRArkada uploaded a video not too long ago, explaining his own rating system. I thought this was a good way to rate anime, dividing it into sections consisting of story, characters, animation and sound, and adding his own personal enjoyment score. However, I don't regard myself as a "professional" reviewer, and I only seek to share my own opinions and discuss others'. Which is why, when I review anime, I don't make individual scores for all these points.

In my reviews, I like to talk about what I think worked well and what didn't. Of course I consider the different sections, but they rarely play a big part in my final score, unless they really stand out (like the voice acting in Suzumiya Haruhi and the animation in Hyouka, for example). When I give scores, they're mostly based on my personal enjoyment of the works, which is why I have no problem giving 10/10 if the work got to me. According to Arkada himself, the perfect 10 does not exist, and although I somewhat agree to that, some animes/mangas/etc are good enough for me to rate the highest. That simply means that they're one my favourites, something I enjoyed so much, and in my eyes is a masterpiece.

Prettiest anime in the world.
I know many people rate shows as high as 7/10 even when they didn't like them. I used to do that myself, where a score of 7 simply meant the show was alright or average. But I have left that reasoning, and now, sometimes brutally, but at least honestly, rate shows. After finishing an anime, I look at my personalised list (below), and choose the number with the most accurate description of what I feel about it.

10 - Masterpiece
9 - Great/amazing
8 - Very good
7 - Good
6 - Fine/not bad
5 - Average, "meh"
4 - Bad
3 - Very bad
2 - Terrible (or as Arkada would say "kill it with fire")
1 - "The fire is not working, nuke this bitch" (Thank you very much for that fine description, Arkada)

Anything with the score 8-10, I'm highly likely to re-watch, up to several times. Works with a score 7, I might, anything below I'd rather not. Although I actually have no problem watching things I thought were bad over, just so I can point out what I didn't like and hate on them some more, as long as they didn't completely bore me.

To sum it up, my reviews are quite biased, I'll admit. But again this is my blog and my opinions. Still, I love to hear what other people think, even if our opinions differ, and welcome you all to share your feelings in the comments.


  1. Hope you have settled down well on paris..
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    1. Thank you! I'm still settling in (:

  2. I agree with you on which scores you would watch again, but my 6s and 7s are a little different. I think it's important to recognize that even if I haven't liked something, others might, so those ones get a 6 (something like a high average). On the other hand, things that I like that others might not get a 7 (like a low good).

    I usually rank the different categories (story, characters, tech specs etc.) completely separately from the final score (so the final score isn't an average of the others), with all of my ratings being almost completely subjective.

    Subjectivity is fine though. A series can look amazing on paper but just be missing the spark that makes it amazing, and that's where these reviews come in, because subjectivity is absolutely necessary to rate the enjoyment factor of anything worth rating. It also means that readers can find bloggers that share tastes and give more credit to their scores.

    1. Hmm, that's one way of doing it too. I can't really rate something good when I personally hated it tho, it just doesn't feel right ;P but if there is something super popular that I don't like I might actually end up not giving it a score at all (x