Friday, August 30, 2013

Kokoro Connect (spoiler free anime review)

Another anime I recently finished is Kokoro Connect. I have a hard time picking animes to watch, usually spending hours researching which shows are good. And I often end up with either something from a general top 10 list, or something no one has ever heard of. I think Kokoro Connect belongs to the latter.

In Kokoro Connect, we follow 5 high school students as they start to experience supernatural things, like switching bodies and hearing each other's thoughts. Naturally, this freaks them out, and when you put love confessions and past trauma into the equation, you get this anime exactly, a mixture of drama and comedy.

The story is alright, I don't have any particular complaints.
Kokoro Connect is fairly new, aired in 2012, so the animation is pretty decent, although it relies on a very simple look.
The openings and endings are fine, but quite forgettable. I personally didn't like them. But the rest of the soundtrack was nice.

Still, the characters are the key thing here. I think the creators made a grave mistake when they decided to introduce the characters, only the characters had changed bodies with each other. This ended in a messy introduction, and I several times had to pause the episode to check who was named what, which character liked what, and who was in who's body. This got much better after a few episodes though. All of the characters have interesting personalities, but I did have a problem with Iori towards the end, where she took a complete u-turn in her traits, and I just don't get that. Not cool.

But overall I enjoyed this anime. Some parts were really cute. 7/10.

And here you have the awkward tension between two star crossed lovers. Jk.


  1. whoah... i gonna check out this anime.. those supernatural thing sounds good...
    btw i tagged u for liebster blog award..

    1. Thank you! I'll do it when I get internet in my apartment (:

  2. this one looks so cute :D I added it to my list<3

    1. I just watched it, totally forgot that you wrote about it and I totally loved it!<3 So many crying moments :P

  3. the anime was kinda 'skyed' but i liked it anyway XD