Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Avengers

So I'm much a year too late, I know, and I swear there is a perfectly good explanation for why I haven't watched this earlier. The main reason I'll come back to in another post, but I admit I was afraid of being disappointed.

I love superheroes. A lot. Spider Man is my favourite, although I haven't seen the new one yet. The old movies were good enough, I think. Anyway, yes, The Avengers. I'd already seen Thor, and I thought it was terrible, sorry. I may be biased being Norwegian and from the country from which the legend actually originates, and having had a particular interest in Norse mythology at one point in my life. Still, Thor was a big disappointment, so I wasn't all that excited about The Avengers after all.
Either way, if you want to fully comprehend the actions and characters in The Avengers, it's a good idea to watch Thor, Iron Man 1 & 2 (note that Iron Man 3 is set after The Avengers), and Captain America (I think). The Incredible Hulk I'm not sure of, as I haven't seen it, I've only seen an older version, but go ahead and watch that too if you feel like you have the time.

This girl alone was a sole reason for me to see this movie.
Despite my scepticism, I felt it obligatory of me to see The Avengers, and to be honest it wasn't all that bad. There were a lot of Hollywood clichés. They were overly dramatic, and the story itself was incoherent, it seems as if the creators relied on the actors alone to pull audience. And I guess that worked.

The characters in the movie were the best part. They're funny and cool, not to mention good-looking, but also contain a lot of personality.
The movie lasted well over 2 hours, which was a bit too long for me. I just can't focus that long, I had the same problem with Iron Man 3. I really wish they made movies a bit shorter, especially when a lot of the content wasn't really necessary. Still, by the end I was so into the movie yet happy to see it end.

Capitain America is so hot, a discovery by me.

In the end, I do recommend it.
The way to enjoy this movie is to not take it too seriously. My friend and I laughed through most of it, because of the stereo-typicality of it. Overall I gave is 7/10, which is quite a score for someone who doesn't normally enjoy watching movies at all.

(I realised I forgot to even mention what the story is, but you know, superheroes trying to save the world. That's all, really).


  1. This film (which I actually just watched last week actually haha) basically proved I am weak against crossovers and shared universes. I didn't even watch most of the films that set this film up (I only ended up watching Iron Man), but I pretty much enjoyed everything about Avengers, even if there may have been some issues. It kind of made me want to watch the other films now...

    1. Haha, me too! I want to watch the rest!

  2. I find that if you're not a huge fan of the superheroes' comics, the only reason to see their movies is for the action (and the comedy, I guess). I'm not saying they're bad though, I usually really enjoy them, but story isn't the reason you should be going to see them.
    And yes, the Captain America movie is set before the avengers and has the same Captain in it.
    Not sure about the hulk though, I haven't seen the newer ones.

    1. I haven't read any of the comics, but I just really love superheroes in general. Don't know why, but they are so cool (x

  3. Jeg likte den, jeg også. Det er ei stund sia jeg så den, men jeg liker action og superhelter. Likte Thor også, tror jeg. Men den var ikke supergod. Likte Spiderman SUPERDUPERgodt, da.

    1. Har ikke sett nye Spiderman ennå men ELSKER de gamle filmene :D