Friday, October 11, 2013

Anime review: Clannad (spoiler free)

To be quite honest, Clannad wasn’t as good as I remembered it. Back in the old golden days, I saw this anime and completely adored it. Now, finally re-watching it, my opinions on it have changed. Maybe I’m simply getting too old for the harem genre (ugh I hope not). Don’t worry though, I still like it.

In Clannad, we meet Okazaki Tomoya who is a delinquent entering his senior year in high school. On his way to school, he meets Furukawa Nagisa, a girl who had to repeat a year because of her illness. Due to having absolutely nothing to do, Tomoya decides to help her with her goal of starting up the theater club. However they get side-tracked a lot, and ends up helping other people and making new friends along the way. Mostly girls. Pretty much only girls, actually. 

Some of the characters have their own arcs, where the focus lays heavily on them for some episodes. We learn a lot about them, but also about Tomoya, who so easily involves himself with these girls. This flow works, but can go too slow sometimes, making the story progression slightly boring. However, and this is probably the most important thing about this show: while it may easily bore you at times, it will just as easily bring you to tears. No really. I’m pretty sure my eyes got wet more than once during the 22 episodes. I also laughed on more than one occasion.

The characters themselves are pretty stereotypical. There is a socially awkward girl, a tsundere, shy girl, insanely strong girl, the main guy who everyone seems to magically fall in love with despite him being good for nothing (not really true, Tomoya’s so nice), and of course the side-kick clown of a best friend. None of them lack depth though, and for the most part they’re likeable, especially the main character(s).
There is also some character development. What am I saying, there is A LOT of character development. Which is generally good. 

The music? Well, I’m kind of divided on this. Parts of the soundtrack is good, really good. But then, other parts are annoying and not so cool. But I think we can all agree on Dango Daikazoku to be the most memorable tune in anime history. Also the most adorable one. 

Animation is pretty. Very moe. Beautiful girls in beautiful high school uniforms along with handsome guys, and all of them have very huge eyes taking up half of their faces. But it works well. 

Overall, Clannad is probably one of the better, if not the best (although personally I would disagree on this), animes in the harem genre. It has a story that although progresses slowly will touch your heart and soul. And at the end you will realise that the pacing was necessary, for the characters to grow like they do, and all in all it works well. 

- Touching story
- Funny
- Well-made characters
- Cute animation
- Lack of logic (why would everyone in this show fall in love with a delinquent? I'm sure if this was a real life situation, these girls would have some standards.)
- Slow story progression, can be boring at times.

(Big thanks to Mistermixmaster who came up with the brilliant idea of pros/cons. Go check out his aniblog!)

I’ll give it 8/10, and recommend it to pretty much anyone. There’s a high possibility you’ll enjoy this one.


  1. "Lack of logic (why would everyone in this show fall in love with a delinquent?"

    I dunno. There is the old saying "all girls want bad boys"; even if it doesn't hold water in real life, in Fiction Land it's probably airtight. Either that, or there's something cool about delinquents. Romantic, even. Why like a guy that plays by the rules when there's a guy that DOESN'T play by the rules right behind him? Or if not behind him, then leaning callously against that wall over there on the right?

    Whatever the case, I guess I need to add this to the increasingly-long list of shows I need to watch sometime in my life, lest I discredit my reputation as an A-tier nerd. But man, that brown-haired girl's face in the second picture...even in the anime world, eyes shouldn't be that far apart. It's creepin' me out!

    1. I wasn't being to Tomoya when I wrote this though. He's a really nice guy, but the thing that strikes me as odd is that this doesn't come across until the latter part of the series, while some girls like him from the beginning. And I find it realistic that he is in the first place, considering his past. So yeah...

      Still, I consider this a classic, and it is a pretty good watch! (;

  2. While I haven't seen the anime, the Clannad Visual Novel was alright. As you've said, the story moves pretty slowly at times.

    As for the delinquent thing...they constantly call a delinquent but it's not like he really is one. He attends school pretty much every day, rarely picks fights and is generally pretty nice. It's not all that unlikely that others would like him (that many at once though? Eh...)

    Do you plan on watching After Story?

    1. Hah that's the harem genre for you. I heard the visual novel is good though.

      I've already seen After Story once, and although I have it in my computer, it's not my top priority at the moment. I'll get around to it sometime this year I think.