Saturday, October 05, 2013

Internet trouble and lots of crying

I’m FINALLY back from this seemingly never-ending hiatus (or was it never-ending just for me?). And look, I even made a vlog for you guys (I was really bored ok).

I’m pretty sure I’ve lived through every blogger’s nightmare of going without internet. A few days is fine, a week, even two, I can live through. But when I have to go an entire month and two weeks without the internet, that’s when I break out into day drinking and randomly crying on the street. I mean, yeah, I got some 3G on my phone after about a week and a half, but that’s barely enough to keep this blog updated, much less watch my favourite youtube channels and get the latest anime episodes. It feels like my sanity has been on the brink of being lost, and at one point I was sure I was being tested by some higher power (and I’m not even religious or anything). It didn’t help when I learned the internet have been present for over a week already, but the damn box was sent back to the company because some store, on my street, refused to deliver it to me. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated as I have been for the last few weeks. At least it’s looking up now. 

Cuisses des grenouilles (aka frog legs!)
But what on earth have I occupied myself with in the past weeks without the internet? Good question. I spent a good amount of time trying to work my way around the French bureaucracy, in order to even be able to get internet in my flat (the post office has become like a second home to me). It was the first and only thing I asked for, but the last thing I received. Of course, I had to find a place, get a contract, get an insurance for the place, get an insurance for myself, get a bank account, get a work contract, and so on, all of which required some sort of official papers I had yet to receive.

Starting work was fun for me though, I can honestly say I very much enjoy it. Most of the customers are sweet and good, and my co-workers are nice. Occasionally there are customers who decide to hate on me for not speaking French, or myself managing to clutz things up by breaking something or mix up the orders, but overall, it’s pretty alright. 

In my free time, which I seem to have a lot of (but not quite enough), I’ve been wandering around this huge city. Everywhere I go, there is beauty, and although I’ve been quite upset, I’ve had to admit that Paris is one city that suits me well.

Some cool stuff.

I’ve tried making friends too, which has been harder than I expected but I’m positively surprised at how I’ve been doing. It turns out the French are much like Norwegians: hard to get to know. Being a shy girl at the same time kinda makes the odds not so in my favour. But yeah, I did manage to make myself a couple of friends, despite not even speaking the language here. So that’s good.

I’ve watched all the anime in my computer, in addition to some tv shows and movies, including the first 20 episodes of SnK over again. Because why the heck not. Played some video games too. I can announce that GTAV is a much overrated game, like seriously. 

I’ve also been reading fanfiction. To the point where you could have me admitted to a mental facility, I believe. But it was the only thing that was anime related and required the least amount of data possible from my phone.

Also here is some proof that I'm a fucking dork. Sorry just had to share. I was afraid he'd fall out of the seat...
Those are some of the things I’ve been up to lately. Now I’m back and I’m still going strong. Ready to blog until my fingers hurt from all the typing (I really love to write ok), so look forward to that, if you will. There will be more on anime and more on this city. Until then.


  1. Ur really strong, i strat crying after 2 days if my internet connection is not working...
    Good to know that ur enjoying your work and city..
    Happy weekend.. :)
    Keep in touch,