Friday, November 29, 2013

Looking back.

December is right around the corner, and personally I am siked. It will be great, and I will tell you all about why in my blog series, but all in its time. The past few months have been quite rough on me, but in an attempt at getting some Christmas spirit, I looked back at some of the good memories. I haven't been great at taking photos, but I also haven't been great at doing things worth taking photos of. Anyway, here are some simple, everyday things that made me smile this fall/winter.

I've shown this off before, but I decorated my fall, which makes my room feel a little more homey.

Tried some traditional French fromage (cheese).
It was, well, delicious.

I got my smoothie machine for Christmas years ago,
and I swore I would one day make use of it.

This is called a Jager train. However, more than the alcoholic drink, it makes me think of Eren Jaeger from SnK.

Although I wasn't able to sing karaoke that night, I will never give up the hope that one day I will do it.
My dear aunt sent me a lovely package of some Norwegian things, which was much appreciated. Especially the chocolate. I also got some Christmas decorations, so that was nice.

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  1. That cheese looks really good. It should bring a smile to any cheese lover's face!