Monday, December 02, 2013

Reasons to love Christmas: Day 2

#2: Nostalgia

The second reason why I love Christmas isn't something just anyone can relate to. It's simply because of my own memories. Yeah I have some bad ones, which happen to have taken place around this time of the year, but I have equally as many good ones. I love to look back and remember all the fun things I've done in past Decembers. Some years have been pretty hard on me, but Christmas time has always been the one time a year I am able to forget most of my hardships and simply enjoy the small things.

Here are some of those good times:

Nothing tops last year's Christmas spent in Thailand. You know, just casually swimming with dolphins and shit. 
My hometown's very own shopping mall decorated. I miss this.
Taken in Hyde Park. London. At Christmas (2010).
The love of my life herself. I'm kinda sad looking through these pictures. They make me homesick!  
Yeah, uh, that's me on the right there. New Year's Eve, yeaaaars ago.

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  1. nice, I couldn't recognize you in the last pic..
    Have a wonderful week