Thursday, December 05, 2013

Reasons to love Christmas: Day 5

#5: Movies.

There are so many fantastic movies about Christmas, and I have tons of memories watching them as I grew up. Snuggling up with a cup of chocolate and some snacks, and maybe even a good friend, in front of the TV, while the snow is falling outside the window, what better way to spend these cold winter days? These are the movies I watch, some even every Christmas (although this year I'll have to really limit myself!).

The Polar Express (2004): The animation is amazing, and they even put Tom Hanks in the movie! I don't care if it's for kids, I absolutely love this movie because it teaches us that having hope and faith is important even though you can't see everything clearly.

Tokyo Godfathers (2003): Of course I had to include some Japanese animation on this list! I've only ever seen this movie once, and it was years ago so I don't remember too much of it (I plan to see it this year again though!). But I know this: I never forgot how it made me feel. It's sad, bittersweet, heart breaking, but also warming, happy, and leaves you with a good feeling about humanity. 

Mickey's once upon a Christmas (1999): I've seen this movie too many times. But it's still one of my best Christmas memories.

Now, this last imagine isn't really from a Christmas movie, but we all love the Christmas scene from Harry Potter, which that sad music playing in the background, while Harry is kind of jealous cause his friends get to go home to their families for Christmas while he has to stay at Hogwarts.

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  1. I have never seen polar express , I am going to try it :)