Saturday, January 04, 2014

Anime review: Clannad After Story

(Contains spoilers for the first season, Clannad.)

While Clannad was heartwarming and left you with a smile on your face, its sequel, Clannad After Story, will rip your fucking heart out.

Clannad After Story starts where the first season left off; Tomoya and Nagisa are now officially dating, and we get to know some other side characters who didn't get that much screen time in the previous season (Sunohara finally gets his own arc as well!). These new arcs are typically sad and bittersweet, but ends with smiles and happiness. And to be honest, they're nothing compared to what's coming.

Some funny parts.
Because only about the 10 first episodes revolve around character story arcs, and after that, the show solely focuses on Tomoya and Nagisa as a growing couple. The pacing is suddenly sped up a lot, and we see how their relationship develops. That is all I am going to say about the story.

The characters in the show are pretty much even better now than before, and a lot of life and backstories are given to those who were only wallflowers in the past. The only thing I wish is that we could have seen more of Sakagami Tomoyo. Anyway, as these move on with their lives, growing up and everything, we are left with Okazaki Tomoya as the main main character of the show, and whatever development he lacked already (which is not a lot) he goes through here. I imagine most of us get pretty upset with him as well, because he really does show how useless he can be.

I forgot to take screenshots so I'm just putting my ex-fav character right here.

Music is good, the opening song is amazing. And I can imagine I wasn't the only one who was disappointed my the missing Dango Daikazoku, but don't worry, it's still in there.
Also, I don't know what I can even say about the animation, because it is gorgeous. One time, long long ago I said that Clannad was probably the "prettiest" anime I knew of, which is still a valid statement. The style is very moe, and though not realistic, not hurtful to the eye. It's so bright and happy, which might be a contrast to the later themes.

The thing I don't like about this show, are the short sequences every now and then showing a young girl and a robot living in a world that has ended. Towards the end we get to see who these represent but to be honest I still don't think it was an accurate representation.

I do recommend this show though. It's sweet and sad at the same time. If you're one who takes to tears easily, I suggest bring a box of tissues when watching, because a lot of shit happens. This was my second watch on the show, and I guess that only shows how much I enjoyed it (but I think it will be a long time before watching it again).

There is a high probability you may cry.

- Beautiful animation.
- Well-made characters.
- Good soundtrack.
- Sad story (don't know why this is a pro tbh).
- Weird pacing.
- Okazaki Tomoya thank you very much for being so good-for-nothing.

Overall 8/10.

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