Friday, January 03, 2014

Winter season 2014 picks

Happy new year everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful last night of 2013. While mine was simply ok, not bad though, I'm now looking forward to what wonders the new year has in store for me. I was planning to post this earlier, but time has been quite meager lately, and only now did I find a moment to sit down and actually write this stuff.

But here it is, the winter anime season predictions! I'll talk a bit about what I expect out of the four shows YOU have chosen for me. That's right, the poll on my sidebar is now my future. I'm kind of nervous. Here are a few words about what I expect out of whatever it is I've committed to for the next few months. 

#1: Noragami

Premiere date: January 6th

This is a show coming from Bones, who also produced both FMA animes, so I'm having some hope that it will be good. I like the supernatural theme, and tagged it with the genres action, adventure, and shounen, which has previously proven to be exactly my kind of thing. So yeah, I'm excited.

#2: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

Premiere date: January 16th

Another supernatural themed anime, this time mixed with comedy, which can be interesting. 

I'm not a big comedy fan when it comes to anime, but I'll give it a shot. I just hope this one 
doesn't get too repetitive or boring. There's the chance that it will turn into a romance anime, 
which I haven't had the best experience with in the past, but we'll see.

#3: Nisekoi

Premiere date: January 11th. 

Reading the description, I just went "ugh" in my head. It's not that I don't like romance, or love triangles, quite the opposite actually, but while I adore these in, say things like, tv shows or musicals, anime has yet to provide me with a good enough romance show to make it to my top 10. Also when I first saw the artwork I thought it reminded me too much of High School of the Dead *shudder*. So maybe that's why I'm sceptical about this. But who knows, maybe this will be the show to change my mind about romance anime? I don't know, but I'll try to go into it with a neutral mind. 

#4: Nourin

Premiere date: January 11th.

Why so many romance shows guys? But seriously though, this is actually one I wanted to watch from the beginning. From the description it looks like something a 14 year old fangirl would've written (me included), because who wouldn't want to become friends, or something more, with their biggest idol? Also this comes from the producer of Steins;Gate, which is a good omen. I'm just afraid I have too high expectations and get disappointed. We'll see. 

#5: Wake Up, Girls!

Premiere date: January 11th

The first time I read the description, I didn't find it interesting at all, but now I'm a bit more curious. If it's a show about music, I really hope it will deliver well. I'm imagining like a j-pop musical here but I might be wrong about that. Still, that would be so cool. But it might also just end up a regular anime about someone trying to keep their head (or in this case, company) over water. 

So, while I have no idea how I'm going to find the time to watch all of these at the same time, 
as well as the usual shows and maratons of anime I do on a regular basis, I'm sure I'll find a way. 
It's all about time management, right? A majority of these seem to be only 10-12 episodes long, 
so that will hopefully be alright. I can't imagine myself stumbling upon another show with the 
SnK-effect, and having to go through that same torture again.

With that being said, I still want to know which shows you guys are planning to follow this 
coming season, and why! 
I'll be sure to share my first reactions when the time comes, and I have something extra special 
planned to move my internet-id a step forward. So look forward to that (; Until next time!  

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