Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Blog has moved!

Hello everyone! I didn't die! I'm still around, and although a bit late I have my brand new blogs ready for you guy.

Wait, blogS, as in, plural? YES.

After some thinking and discussion I have decided to split this blog into two separate ones instead of keeping it to just one.
So from now on this blog right here is out of service. In order to continue to read my stuff, head over to either

  1. which is my aniblog, focusing heavily on anime, manga, Japan, and other related things.
  2. which is my new personal blog, where I share my experience from living in Paris, as well as thoughts and opinions on various matters. 
I will admit I haven't been reading many blogs myself lately, but that is definitely something I'm going to focus on in the future. That is all for now, or is it for ever? Thanks guys!